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        1. Global Technical Service E-mail:[email protected] Europe Technical Service E-mail:[email protected]
          Inspur "Meta Brain" Released

          Inspur AI Server with over 50% Market Share

          10,000 NODES

          IN 8 HOURS

          How Inspur used L11 to accelerate data center deployment

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          Fastest YOY Growth with 54%

          2018 Top 3 Server Vendor Worldwide

          Source: IDC Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker

          GTC 2019

          Inspur Releases Edge Computing AI Server NE5250M5

          Designed for Edge AI Application with Strong Environmental Adaptation

          Integrate Cloud Computing And AI Total Solutions in Your Business

          Building Customizable, Flexible, Modular, Open, and Converged Computing Platforms with Cutting-edge ...
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          The world's leading GPU / MIC / FPGA AI computing platform, comprehensive AI software, powerful AI a...
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          Proven capabilities in HPC R&D, deployment, operation, and maintenance of petascale computing by foc...
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          Inspur is a Total Solution Provider


          2019-07-01 OCP China Day Integrates AI, Edge Computing, and 5G Topics with Open Computing

          The OCP China Day, co-sponsored by the OCP Foundation and OCP platinum member Inspur, kicked off in Beijing on June 25. The event attracted nearly 1,0...


          Inspur Builds Leading Supercomputer π2.0 for Shanghai Jiao Tong University


          Inspur Launches New AI & HPC Appliance at ISC19


          IDC: Inspur Storage Ranks Top 5 in the First Quarter of 2019 Worldwide

          Marketing Events

          ISC 2019

          June 17-19 | Hall 3, Messe Frankfurt, Germany

          CVPR 2019

          June 16-20 | Long Beach Convention Center, CA, USA

          ICML 2019

          June 9-15,2019 | Long Beach Convention Center, CA, USA

          CloudFest 2019

          March 23-29, 2019 | Europa-Park, Germany

          GTC 2019

          March 17-21,2019 | San Jose Convention Center

          Inspur at NeurIPS 2018

          December 2-7 | Montreal,Canada

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          Empower an Intelligent Future

          ABOUT US

          Inspur Group Core Values Partners News Events


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